Shawn Taylor is not just an awesome inspector but has great teaching skills as well. Shawn has been running his workshops & training events for the last 5 years with awesome results. Most new inspectors are very nervous at first and don't know what to expect but it doesn't take long for Shawn to start the transition to make everyone feel welcome and excited about what is to come. Shawn Taylor & Associates are very well invested in the success of each individual that participates in our workshops. It is not enough just to teach you about the inspection industry. Our goal is to develop the whole mental being so you will be well equipped to work in the industry, create your own legacy & make the difference in the lives of everyone you come across. With over 20k inspections & 15 years in the business with a 5 star rating among Realestate agents, marketing/advertising agencies and most important the general public it is no secret that Shawn Taylor & Associates are making waves throughout Michigan & abroad. All classes are kept small so you will get the undivided attention needed. Please click on the video for more details about the training

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