Having the right home inspector training in your portfolio makes all the difference. At Shawn Taylor & Associates, we train inspectors first on the code of ethics & the standards of care of the industry. We take the time to develop inspectors for the long haul. We are just as much invested in our workshops as we are with our customers. We understand at Shawn Taylor & Associates that todays trainees are tommorrows leaders. Our compassion, education & experience in private inspections, government inspections, and industry inspections gives us the leading edge on other training facilities. Our overriding philosophy is to not just educate you on a house, but to create smart, flexible strategies that work in an ever shifting environment.


After 15 years in the business. Shawn has mastered the art of home inspection and how to make an awesome living doing it. With over 20k inspections under his belt, Shawn is no doubt the undisputed champ of this industry. Learn how to start run and grow your own business, learn the ins/out to the home inspection industry, learn a new trade, learn how to turn just $350into $3500 weekly


Our inspectors are some of the most
experienced property valuation inspectors, that has learned a solid inspection technique that is very unique from the training at Shawn Taylor & Associates. Allowing our inspectors to easily inspect over 300 components in the home and be able to communicate to the customer in an efficient and effective manner.

The home inspection industry today offers  the chance of a lifetime. Men and women from different backgrounds can establish their own businesses to earn high incomes, with low front end cost and very manageable overhead. While a knowledge of light construction, renovation, and skill in communicating technical information in a balanced and diplomatic way are essential, the field is open to virtually anyone. 

  • Home Inspection History 
  • Qualifications & Standards
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Realestate World
  • Setting up your Business
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Reporting Practices
  • Legal Issues
  • How to inspect each area of house
  • How to earn $350-$700  a day
  • Getting employed as an inspector
  • Becoming a FEMA/SBA Gov't Inspector
  • Much much more

Silver package: Home Inspection Workshop


Gold package: Home Inspection Workshop & Business Setup

Platinum package: Workshop/Business Setup & Business Credit Building