Funding & Loans

Shawn Taylor understands how difficult it can be to acquire the funds to start a new business, get going with an investment or to provide operating funds or working capital. After being in business for over 20 years, successfully growing and expanding Shawn feels it's not just a duty to reach out and help others but an obligation.

If you are looking for 

Business Term Loans our funding starts at $25,000 - $5,000,000 with low monthly payments (3-25years) with rates as low as 6%.

 Revenue Based Loans our funding starts at $5000-$2,000,000(Funding as fast as 48hrs)

 Asset Based Lending where clients can use their collateral such as accounts receivable, inventory, equipment & realestate. 

Equipment Financing through a lease offers your business a competitive edge by minimizing tax liability and protecting against equipment obsolescence. (Don't need large amounts of collateral to get approved).

Commercial Cash Advance This type of financing is usually less than $50k. Basically, if you have a legitimate business that has been in business at least 1 year, you can qualify for this financing option because there is no credit check.  

Commercial Lending program focuses on meeting the financial needs of business owners, both new and existing. Commercial deals can be extremely complex and time-consuming; however, with us and our commercial loan partners, this process can be simplified.

Hard Money/Fix&Flip loan situations are for those who are looking for financing opportunities that require a fast closing. Our hard money loans are for both businesses and individuals. Usually, a 6-12 month term, rates are generally higher than traditional loans, credit scores do not drive the loan-the collateral is more important. A typical loan requires at least 20% down plus closing cost. 

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